4 fresh themes to ignite imaginations. Blast off on a high-flying mission to space. Take an innovation-filled journey into America's National Parks. Embrace your inner toy "maker". And go for the gold in a triumphant Olympic adventure.

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Galileo Summer Quest

Bring out your bold with 12 majors to explore. Race a custom-built go-kart. Build an action-packed mod. Cook up a signature dish. Debut an original movie. Design and print 3-D models. Electrify a canvas.

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how we give back
Galileo & community

We believe all kids have the potential to become innovators. Learn more about our commitment to spread our impact more broadly.

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Join the movement

We’re not just inspiring a new generation of innovators—we’re providing a platform for a new generation of innovative industry professionals. 

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At Galileo, we believe that summer camp should be crazy fun and profoundly enriching at the same time.

That’s why innovation is at the core of everything we do.

  • Curriculum with Serious Substance sparks kids’ imagination from Pre-K all the way through 8th grade.
  • Experienced, Dynamic Staff provide campers with a steady stream of compassion and inspiration.
  • The Galileo Innovation Approach® teaches kids to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes and create without fear.

Your kids will love making their wildest ideas come to life. You’ll love the lasting impact it has on their confidence and creativity. Get ready to spend summer bold.